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About Us


In the Black Swamp region on the Ohio/Michigan border, Black Swamp Firearms LLC was born. With many firearms manufacturers incorporating cheaply sourced parts and reducing tight manufacturing tolerances to focus on quantity, and not quality, Black Swamp Firearms was built out of the necessity of offering shooters the highest quality firearms and accessories on the market today. At Black Swamp Firearms we are, like you, shooters who demand the best. Our firearms are 100% made with pride in the United States of America. Our manufacturing processes utilize the finest materials and technology available. You can buy cheaper/inferior weapons and you will get just that. Our promise to you is that if it is not good enough to protect our homes, our law enforcement, or our troops, it will not leave our shop. We do not need to state we have a Lifetime Warranty on our rifles, you will never need it anyway.


  • Human Skulls: We respect life and do not wish to honor death, or the imagery of death. We understand that in certain circumstance the taking of a life is necessary, but it should not be glorified.
  • Zombies: We never understood this idiotic marketing trend in the firearm's industry. We refuse to use zombies on any of our products, or marketing.
  • Degrading Women: We will not use scantily clad women to sell our products. Too often companies use "sex sells" to promote their brand, we will not.


Our rifles are the best in the industry, no gimmicks required, ever.